Hi, I'm Dominic

My tutoring & teaching work

Maths tutoring - My tutoring & teaching work

I intend to assist you with every aspect of your program:

Establishing Understanding: Most Of Us have our weak topics, and so the primary aim of these lessons is to not only ensure you attain your target level, yet additionally comprehend as much as possible.

Approaching enquiries: Often enquiries look terrifying, specifically in tests and also specifically when they're not exactly what you expected. I'll assist you in your general technique to maths enquiries, as well as the assumed processes you need to be thinking of before tackling them.

Test Method: I'm more than happy to go through past documents (or specific questions) with you to assist you improve your test method. I'll supply my years of test experience to help you encounter even the trickiest of papers, and leave you really feeling easy as well as positive when it pertains to crunch time. This is your large moment, so let's make it count!